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A full sized man

At first I experimented with jewellery and small sculptures. Then out of the blue, came a challenge. My friend Malcolm asked if I could create a life sized figure. He constructed the armature and I created the head, the hands up to the elbows and his big toe out of Fimo. Neither of us had much money so inside the man's head was a block of wood and lots of alluminium foil so I could save on buying too much Fimo. The same applied to the arms. There was a further problem when it came to baking the head because it wouldn't fit in my oven.

The result was, me walking into the local pub with a head under my arm asking if I could bake it in their catering oven! I got quite a few strange looks I can assure you.

Being able to sew I created his clothes too. He was so realistic that one morning on entering my kitchen I got quite a fright. There in front of the fire sat a man! Well we sold him and split the profits.

Tiny Bears & Magical Things for the next part of my creative journey,


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