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Dragons and Fairies

Eltneg Nogard (Gentle Dragon spelled backwards) was one of my first ever little characters.

I created him in a simple fashion so that I could easily teach children how to create one just like him. I did try to create mysterious looking creatures but somehow they all ended up with big smiles on their faces.

I know that many little dragons just like him now exist all over the world. 

Little children created circa 1994. No digital cameras back then so these are scans of my old photos.

My goodness, all of this shifting through old photos is bringing back memories!

When I created these I had no pasta machine and the Fimo was much harder to condition back then. I had to roll out the 'cloth' for the clothing. 

I hold workshops on how to create these magical creatures.

No set dates. Just contact me and we can pick a date that suits us. One to ones welcome at no extra cost.

The next part of mt story is how I discovered Fabric Hardener to create BIG figures.


Fabric Hardener

To find out more on my Dragon workshops

Dragon Workshops


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