Birdy Heywood
Artist with a Magical Touch

Birdy Heywood


Before long I began demonstrating at shows. This is something I really enjoyed as it meant sharing my enthusiasm for polymer clay with others. I made lots of new friends who after many years are still dear to me now. 

This was the Brighton Show where I met my very dear friends Lin and her daughter Jenny. The funny thing is I only noticed as I put this photo up that they were on it. 

I do miss being at the big shows but due to illness I am having to take a break from them for a while. Instead, I am concentrating on teaching at home and desiging new ideas. 

This tea pot went to every show with me as it attracted a lot of attention. It was also used on promotional leaflets by the Fimo company. I created it over an existing tea pot. 

This was great fun to create and I became emersed in a magical land for 2 hole days. 

I am away with the fairies most of the time anyway.  You see when I just let go and don't think too much, the best things happen. 

Creating is not about control but about letting go and allowing the creative flow to take over.