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The Mermaid and the Sock of Dave

This is a very strange tale.

In fact it is a very fishy tale. 

As with all my stories and poems I saw this all happen in my mind so just wrote about what I was seeing and hearing.

Many years after writing this I was working in a town called Girvan in Scotland for the very first time.

Oh boy! It was the place I had seen in my story. There was the house from the story, there was the clock tower,

there was the sea wall just as I had seen it. Even the people I met reminded me of those in my story.

This may be a long read but I guarantee that it will make you laugh.

I have always envisaged this made into a film.

I even began writing the script. 

YouTube Clip of me narrating this very fishy tale! 

© Birdy Heywood 2001

One day when the time is right I will create a sequel.

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