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Journey to The Mountain

A Journey to the Mountain

Golden leaves, cherry trees,

Cascading waterfall.

Anguished cries of those oppressed,

Too scared to look at all.

Smitten down through centuries,

Of, "you must see it so!"

They stumble in the darkness,

Accepting each sharp blow.

In their home made prisons,

They ask the question "Why?"

"Do we come here to just exist,

And when we're finished, die?"

Bound in their own dark prisons,

To which ‘they’ have the key,

They moan and groan impatiently,

Someone should set them free.

But if they took a mirror,

And searched for their own soul,

They'd find a friend to free them,

Their part that sees the Whole.

True inner strength is hard to find,

The path is sharp and stony.

The Mountain looms before them,

Its great and they are lonely.

The first step is the hardest,

So distant is the peak.

On one side cold dark bondage,

The other what they seek.

They have the choice to suffer,

Continue asking, "Why?"

Or set out on a journey,

And leave behind the lie.

Go forward on your journey,

Feel the gentle breeze,

The sun caress your body.

You'll manage it with ease.

Each time you meet a boulder,

That seems to mean the end,

Look over your own shoulder,

And there you'll find a friend.

That friend is You,

Your Higher Self,

There to urge you on.

Its seen the goal walk on my friend,

Walk on, walk on, walk on.

Walk my friend, with open heart,

Enjoy the things you learn,

Like fire is warm and comforting,

But it can also burn.

So too are other things you see,

And meet along the way.

At night you sleep, to gain the strength,

To greet another day.

Each step you take seems lighter,

As you shed the heavy load.

Everything is brighter,

As you walk along the road.

A happy child may meet you,

And guide you to the spot,

'Show you all the treasures,

You didn't know you'd got.

Birdy 2000

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