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                                                                   Polymer Clay Jewellery DVD One







Simple Polymer Clay bead making techniques, an antique wood effect pendant, marbled beads, intricate geometic patterned beads, an attractive bracelet, a pair of matching earrings. Learn how to sand and polish your pieces for a truly professional finish.

Once you have learned the simple techniques you can enjoy designing your own patterns.

 A great DVD for beginners and also those experienced with Polymer Clay. Filmed over the shoulder, enjoy great close ups from the right perspective.

This DVD is so simple to follow and the feedback received has been fantastic.

At the moment only available

in DVD PAL Format

Price just £10.00 Order no. DV01





                                                                          Polymer Clay Jewellery DVD Two






Flower canes, leaf cane, 3 pendants including a magical pendant made from scraps, heart pendant, round beads, square beads, bycone beads, spacers and much more. Learn how to sand and polish your finished pieces for a truly professional finish.

Learn how to create pendant fixtures out of wire. Find out how to add a beautiful pendant surround using ultra fine glitter.   

Fantasic and inspirational DVD for both  beginners and experienced Polymer Clay users. Filmed over the shoulder enjoy great detailed close ups

Again as with Jewellery DVD One I have had some really brilliant feedback. Many customers have come to the shows especially to show me what they have made after watching my DVDs.

At the moment only available

 in DVD PAL Format

Price just £10.00 order no. DV02




                                                                    Fimo Magic DVD by Birdy Heywood










 Enjoy seeing numerous animals come to life. With fantastic, close up, over the shoulder shots. Birdy begins first of all with simple sculptures then gradually shows how these can be adapted for more detailed and intricate results.

Learn how to magicly transform a lump of FIMO Polymer Clay into a whimsical  little character

 Animals include:

Several Bears, Dogs, Cats and  Dragons. Birdy also shows you how to create a Cheeky Clown and Fir Tree Card Topper.

This DVD is

 a must for the whole family to enjoy! 

At the moment only available

in DVD PAL Format

Price just £10.00 Order no. DV 03






                                 Fimo Card Toppers DVD by Birdy Heywood




 Enjoy two whole hours of expert tuition as Birdy guides you through some fantastic techniques to create some really original Card Toppers.

These could also be adapted to create fridge magnets or jewellery or even decorations for the tree or window.

Your imagination is the limit.

Filmed over the shoulder, enjoy great, detailed close ups from the right perspective making this DVD really simple to follow.

At the moment only available

in DVD PAL Format 

Price just £10.00  Order no. DV04



                            COLOURED * LAMINATED * PROJECT SHEETS £2.00 each plus p&p 

      I have had some absolutely fantastic feedback from my Project sheets.

The simple step by step, close up, photographs and instructions of each stage are incredibly easy to follow.


          * Angel/ Fir/Tree/Clown PS01 *     *  Decorate a Tea Pot PS02 *       * Beads and Buttons PS03 *   * Decorated Glass/Jewellery PS04 *         


 * Dragon Bracelet PS05 *                 *  Dragons ONE PS06 *            *  Dragons TWO PS07 *             * Snowman & Fir Tree PS08 *


            * Sitting and curled up cats PS09 *   * Step by step puppies PS10 *  * Fridge Magnets & Bear PS11 *  * A Penguin & Phoenix PS12 *



Fairy & Pixie

Project Sheets


                      * Fairy Order no. PS13 *                                               * Pixie Order no. PS14*


                                          Polymer Clay cutting tool with safety pouch


Birdy Heywood Polymer Clay Blade with safety pouch

Cost 3.90 plus P&P

                Order no. S01                    


Here is an example of a rose cane cut with

The Birdy Heywood Polymer Clay Blade

Instructions on how to create the Rose Cane

Is explained on the Beads & Buttons Project Sheet

 Order no. PS03 





Clear and precise cuts

Flexible for straight or curved sices

Clear safety markers

Handy pouch for safe storage

Made from Stainless Steel


Cutting through intricate canes (seaside rock making technique)

requires the right tool and this blade

is just what you will need to achieve a clean image. 

The safety markers at the top of the blade

make it easier to distinguish which is

the sharp side of the blade thus preventing

accidentaly using it the wrong way up.


The Birdy Heywood Polymer Clay Blade

comes in a handy safety storage pouch. 


The blade is very sharp and should be handled with care.

 Please keep out of reach of children.