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Birdy Heywood

                     Black and White Cat made from FIMO



Carmen the cat is made from Black and White FIMO Polymer Clay. Not forgetting a little ball of pink FIMO for her nose. Her pupils are created using two tiny, black glass seed beads which add a touch of sparkle to her cheeky face.

Polymer Clay is a maleable, coloured modelling clay that can be hardened at a low temperature using an ordinary oven where it becomes permanent. 

There are several Polymer Clays to choose from and baking temperatures vary slightly for each individual brand of clay. (Always consult the baking instructions on the packet). For this peoject I have used FIMO.

Children should be supervised by an adult because the oven is hot and also a cutting tool is required to divide the clay.


Half a block of Black FIMO.  A quarter of a block of White FIMO and a tiny ball of Pink FIMO for the nose. For the pupils I have used two tiny glass seed beads.

The modelling tools I have used are a knitting needle and a wooden coktail stick. the knitting needle is ideal for creating the groove halfway up the face and for creating the eye sockets. The cocktail stick is used to mark the indents for the claws and also half a cocktail stick is used to ensure that the head is firmly connected.

Wet wipes are handy to keep your hands clean in between using colours.

Just follow the step by step diagrams in the photo and you will be surprised at how easy it is to create this little cat.

Bake your creation on a ceramic tile or baking tray that is not used for food.












 Create the shapes shown above.

 A cocktail stick is ideal to create the indents on the paws and also to support the head. Insert half a cocktail stick into the neck before adding the head.


Create first of all the ears then make a groove halfway up the face using the knitting needle. Use the needle again to make two nice deep eye sockets. Insert the little balls of white FIMO for the eyeballs, then using a cocktail stick add the tiny gass beads. First add the ball of white for the chin then attach the other two side by side above the chin. Add a little pink nose!

Now the head can be attached to the body!